The Elira woman writes her own story, unapologetically. She Is a loving, kind, intelligent creative. She believes in a better tomorrow, one filled with freedom, equality and sustainability. She is anchored in her truth, empowering women to explore ways to build a better planet. The Elira woman understands Nature is intelligent and knows everything in nature responds to her love, compassion, and beauty. The Elira woman is confident, and not defined by anyone’s rules. She honors the divine feminine within her and values her own body for what she can do, not how others think she looks.

Our Story

ELIRA’s foundation has been built on three fundamental words. Freedom, empowerment and exploration. We are all explorers empowered by our quest for freedom in all types of environments

Meet the Team

Find out more about who we are and our values.
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Meet Kelly - Founder and CEO

ELIRA Collection

- Pants
- Underwear
- Boxer Brief (Coming soon)
- Long Underwear (Coming soon)

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