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I need these almost more
than the air I breathe!

Rave Reviews

I am so excited about these pants! Planning a trip to Oregon and Colorado this year and these pants will be on my must pack list!  DN

I am very intrigued by these pants – we ride SXS and are always in the woods, it would be nice to have some privacy.  BB

These look awesome! I’m a chick on a motorcycle and would definitely benefit from having these in every color. I would hope that they also come in a lined version for those cold winter rides too.  JC

I love this I am outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking with my Husband all the time I cant wait to try a pair of these on.  BT

Finally a pair of pants for hunting and fishing where you don’t have to get naked from the waste down to potty! AND they look seamless win win! I can’t wait to get a pair!  LR

I am so excited to have found these. I am a landscaper and since covid hit I’ve been having a hard time finding restaurants or gas station bathrooms open to go to. The convenience functionality and style looks very appealing.  TD  

I could definitely use these while hiking. With all the leaves gone from the trees, it’s hard to find privacy right off the trails.  KS 

I’ve always said the only time I wish I was male was while backpacking and hiking because it’s so easy for men to pee outdoors. Finally a female solution to peeing outdoors!  TP 

Someone finally made hiking pants for women to solve the bare butt while squatting in the woods! I can’t wait to get a pair!  DC 

I’m excited about these pants because I can’t stand having to drop trowel and bare it all!! When I lived in Alaska, going on hikes it can be a little cold if you have to use the bathroom not to mention the mosquitoes that can bite in certain areas!! Lol I can’t wait to get a pair!   RL 

Not sure if any of you guys do some things that may require toileting outdoors… but I know I was SOL last time we were hiking… 7+ miles of no toilets anywhere. Hiding off trail in the primitive campsite area around mile 4 was less than awesome.  KL 

I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THESE!!!!! Yes I’m using my outside voice!!!!! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out hiking and had to “drop draws” and hope and pray nobody comes around the bend!!!!  MW 

My family camps a lot and when we are in locations with little privacy I restrict my liquids so I don’t have to pee. Not terribly healthy. Needless to say, I am very excited about these.  AM 

These look awesome! Great for women who hunt, camp and do other “not always a real bathroom available ” activities! LB 

Looking forward to these on my next backpacking adventure!  LK 

these would be great when your out on the ranch n can’t make it back to the house! Find a tree or a tractor. lol  TES 

these would be great when your out on the ranch n can’t make it back to the house! Find a tree or a tractor. lol  TES These look amazing! I’ve been looking for pants like this!! Can’t wait to order a pair!  MG

These look awesome!!! I’ve hiked in skirts before because of the nature calling issue! I can’t wait to try them!  NM

Totally a fantastic concept! I travel on the road to Canada a lot and there are long stretches between exits – these would make a huge difference!!!  MP

Finally some pants for all my ladies that love kickin it in the great outdoors! I can’t wait for these to come out! No more having to run off to find a place with the right terrain/incline. Can’t wait to use them at camp. GLJ

These would be great for all outside, in the woods, kinda days! Cute too! Can’t wait to try them out!  BT

So excited about this product! Would love to not be so exposed when doing my business on a hike!!  HV

Wish I had these when I visited Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore this past October! I went so far in the woods to make sure no one was around. GS

Your horseback ad definitely caught my attention. I’ve logged a lot of trail hours and these seem way easier than my shewee. Someone else mentioned zipper along crotch as a concern, I look forward to putting them to the test.  AW

I can’t wait to try these! I hate tent camping in the winter months and having to pee in the middle of the night.  KTS

This would be awesome for off-road jeep rides!   AH

Looks interesting! Probably be great for backpacking trips!    RH

I can’t wait to try these pants!!! I hike and camp quite a bit. I’m always nervous about some guy walking up on me while I’m using the bathroom in the woods or on trail. This would be nice to have!! I’m super excited!!! Can’t wait!!  HJ

Looks like a great outdoors item! LK

Whoa these pants are super exciting !! I think these pants would come in handy in many outdoor instances !! I could see myself using these!  SK

These look great love pockets. My boys are getting older I can see these being handy while we explore the woods and geo cache.  RH

Can’t wait to try them on my next hiking trip. LM

As an avid hunter and fisherman of plus size I am really looking forward to this kick start! Now if you can make hunting and fishing bibs to match I would update my whole wardrobe. Also hoping that plus size is truly plus size. I am a 20-22 womens or 2x-3x in pants with 55.5″ hips fully clothed. Really looking forward to what is available.  MB

I can hardly wait to get these! I often find myself having to do the pull down and squat when hike our land!!  SD

I’m hoping that this product will help my daughter who works in the field of wildlife.  LB 

I mean, for real! A solution to the outdoor potty problem! I cannot wait to try a pair of these out. I live in the PNW and spend a good deal of the woods. These are going to be rad.  KE

Super stoked to use these for all our road trips and outdoorsy adventures!! Probably very helpful if the apocalypse comes too. AP

Excited 2 try these, cuz in the spring, summer & fall months do alot of camping. MC

I think this are exactly what every woman needs when there out camping or in the woods and there’s no bathroom handy and ya gotta go.   LC

think these will help keep your clothes on while hiking, hahhaha, just kidding!! But really, maybe these could help us not get so many mosquito bites on our lady parts since we don’t have to drop our pants.  MK

Can’t wait to check these out! Always out hiking!  EM

As an avid explorer, these could be a game changer! Very excited to hear abs learn more!  MH 

Oh, these look perfect for those of us outdoorsy gals who just aren’t skirt types. Cannot wait to give these a try!  CR

I’m excited to get a pair for all my hiking trips. I take the RV out year round. Several times I’ve had to squat and hope I don’t get any splatter on my pants.  DH. 

These look amazing. Can’t wait to try them. SED

When might these be available to purchase?  SM

I’m already screaming, “Yes! Sign me up! How do I buy these?” Finally some genital equality when it comes to peeing in the woods!  EM

YAS! Can’t wait to see these in action!  BS

Field pants! Wouldn’t this have been a game changer for our days in the swamps & forests!  AL

Can’t wait till there are available. This would make hikes 10x easier with my son.  KM

What we’ve always needed! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to have a pair! CG

don’t think I’m weird k. But I think these are kind of an awesome idea for female hikers lol. What do you think. KK

This will be great for an outdoors explore or fish trips .  LBY

I have three girls and we always ride horses having to sometimes share atv trails, this is an amazing addition to riding gear! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to show them off either at the barns or on the trail!  KKM

maybe something to keep in mind for Edie’s and my birthday’s as we do more hiking and fishing this year. EK

Time and effort saved and more of the outdoors treasured!  LR

Would love to have these for Atving this summer!  BY

Definately getting a pair of these pants. We do a lot of camping and fishing. They will make my life easier.  TLA

What a cool idea. Can’t wait to try a pair.  CS

Super intrigued about these. Love that they are made with bamboo! I’m a big wool fan so bamboo is a good 2nd place:).  JW

I’ve tried the shewee and we disagreed, I’ve tried so many things and failed at peeing outdoors in mixed company, I’m excited to try this one out!!  DM

I camp and ride dual sport motorcycles- always with a bunch of guys. They line up ANYWHERE and do their business, while I’m hunting for a little privacy. I tried the SHE WEE on a trip and had 1 failure in the cold- so that didn’t work out. I’m excited to give this a try.  LB

I wish we had these when we were younger and camping more. Lol it’ll be great for backpacking trips.  SM

About time! This is the best solution ever for all us female hikers!  CLMI go fishing with my neighbor a lot. This would be so amazing. I could be discrete and wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. He is a male and I am female.  JL

a motorcycle rider and advent mountain road riding not always is there a bathroom finally peeing without mooning!!  DD

I am a female truck driver who can’t just stop and pee in a tire or tree like the men do. THIS would be so life changing!!!
And for the outdoors women! OMG. DEF

Camping and fishing again? Cant wait to try these.  TB

I work outdoors in road construction around men, this could be a game changer!  LL

Excited to see how these are when they come out!  RM

IBS makes hiking problematic at best, humiliating at worst. I NEED THESE.  EF

Theses are a great idea for hiking and ice fishing.  EK

Interested in trying them. We spend a lot of time outdoors. JSH

So excited for these revolutionary pants!  JH

This is such a neat idea, can’t wait to try them!  LS

Great idea for hiking!  GA

Can’t wait to try these out !! These pants are gonna make our hiking game even stronger. JS

Can’t wait to try these!!!  NJ

These would be great for camping! LM

Absolutely amazing idea!  SM

Definitely a gamechanger! This’ll be wonderful!  SD

Excited to get these for hiking.  MH

My young daughters would love these also!  AF

I would love to try them!  SL

Sounds so cool. Can’t wait to get a pair. Thank you. CC

Can’t wait to see how these work.  JTD

I am so incredibly excited about this. As someone who is constantly outdoors out in Mother Nature this is an absolute must have!  BSB

for our next camping trip or Appalachian trail!  MIA

Can’t wait to check these out!  GB

Not gonna lie, I realy want a pair of these!  BLB

Finally a solution!! Kayaking will never be the same I can’t wait to get these!!  NS

I’m so excited!! We both know I need these so bad for my tea drinking hiking/camping mornings. AN

this might be the alternative solution to the concert standing pee funnel ?!?  TFL

I am happy about this is what I need asap and a few pairs if there’s a plus size. RL

these are looking like a legit solution! Honestly, truly, hope that they get fully funded!  LB

I cannot wait to try theses out.  KJ

Great idea for those of us who work outdoor jobs. JM

Interesting concept for when nature calls. ! And they look super cute, too.  EBV

These will be great for cooler weather camping!  KW

I cant wait to try these!  TH

These will be so Awesome, finally a way to be safer, faster, cleaner. CLA

For sure! I’ll try these!  SBS

I need these in my life!  LCF

This is a fantastic idea and very much needed!  AKP

These would be perfect for my Mt Washington hiking adventure! Looking forward to seeing this take off!  RC

Cant wait to get a pair. PC

I’m super excited about these pants, not only are they stylish, but they’ll be great up at the farm & trail riding in the future. KP

Looks like a great idea. SB

Game changer! Excited to try them!  AFM

Excited to see the full design and peeing even more gracefully. JS

This is so awesome! Thanks for thinking about our poor lady rumps freezing in the wind out there. this is seriously a great idea. It would be great hiking or fishing.  AB

As a lover of camping… these seem kind of genius!  SC

I want these. I cannot describe how many times these pants would have been useful. Long car rides, hiking, kayaking (in the fall), camping….. I need these. Sign me up.   DP

I am very intrigued by these pants – we ride SXS and are always in the woods, it would be nice to have some privacy.  BBK

Super excited to try these!!  RA

If these are as good as they promise to be, they could be a game-changer!  CS

I’m so excited about these. We are a hunting family and these will be perfect.  JHW

hiking pants are getting an upgrade. AW

These would be great for camping and hiking.  JBK

I am super intrigued!  TH

Check these out! Perfect for hiking and camping for us girls!  RM

I’m so excited to have a pair of Elira apparel pants they would be awesome!  JF

I’m a caregiver and always on the go these would be so fantastic for me I can’t wait for them to be out.  CE

OMG, these would be great for our camping trips, kayak and hiking adventures. I’m not as young as I once was and going to the restroom is a more frequent inconvenience especially having to be quick about it. Even though I’m getting older I refuse to let my age get in the way or determine what I can and can’t do. As a matter of fact I try to be more active than ever before. Everyday is an adventure, I live for the outdoors and beauty of nature. Here’s to 2021 living and loving life. Thank you for making something with females in mind. Girlpower! Strong women! Independent women!  ARC

Super excited to get these and not have to completely undress to pee!  KSF

This is a long time coming. Can’t wait to try these! Great for hiking in the mountains, hunting or on any adventure you choose.  MK

I need these! I grew up in Kentucky with several trees to hide behind when hiking. I now live in Utah; large trees are hard to find!  CHA

I’m pretty excited about these. Proper women’s pants for adventuring are sadly lacking in the world!  RS

I am so excited for these amazing pants! I love being outdoors but hate dropping my pants to pee!  AB

I’m super excited about these pants in a ton of different situations, I am a climber, Whitewater rafter and an Ice climber. I am always hiking in different situations and I always have to find a large rock, tree, bush, etc to hind behind to pee. ADN

I need these for my ridiculously overactive bladder! LOL JD

I love the outdoors!!! I ride a motorcycle and can’t always find a discreet place. These pants are awesome!!!  TW

I cannot WAIT to try these. I’ve recently gotten more into hiking and starting to backpack and this will be a GAME CHANGER.  DK

Oh yeah, these clothes are just what is needed in the forest or anywhere! Id wear them often, on hikes ,outtings, travelin in the car, you name it. Not showing off all ypir wears just for a quike relief is awesome. I cant wait to get some!  JS

Its simple women just aren’t equipped to “go” outdoors without a giant skirt, tree, or bush to hide behind some cool ideas here and I’m excited to watch this company grow there is nothing like having to go when your under heavy snow clothing having underwear and thermals that part in the middle will be a blessing to all of us outdoors ladys!!  NH

I work outside and these would be so convenient!! I love the way they look. These would be perfect for hiking and camping!  BLC

I can’t believe someone actually made pants like this! I have been talking about needing pants with this feature for backpacking for a couple of years now. Very stoked for the kickstarter!  MG

Perfect for the barn and trails! BNC

Sign me up!!! I can’t wait to get the undies and pants!!!! Working outdoors just got easier…lol. BX

These pants look amazing! Functional for outdoor sports and made for women. L G

I can’t wait for these to launch!  MR

I definitely need a couple pairs for backpacking and kayaking, though. I saw somewhere that there’s underwear that are designed to go with! Now all I need is an insulated pair or a thermal layer for winter sports.  LD

finally able to pee while out in the mountains or fishing!  MS

These are amazing! I’d love these pants for fishing, hiking and camping. They look amazing and are so functional!!  JF

I would love to get a couple pairs for my daughter and I when it launches. Shopping spree here I come. MT

found some camping pants every female needs!  EB

I needs this for fishing. And for the camping that we are going to do this year.  CH

This would make life so much easier!!!  HL

Oh my dear lord!! I’m going to get these! Actual functional utility pants.  KB

these would make our job in the field much easier!  CA

Genius!  SJ

I can’t wait to get a pair!  LO

Can’t wait!! I spend 8-12 hours a day every Saturday and Sunday on the river Trophy Catfishing. It ain’t easy finding the right time to “go”. Between other boats and people on land, i just can’t pull down and go. I won’t ever have to worry again about people seeing or just holding it all day!!  RCS

I need these for horse back riding!  HC

I am excited to try these pants! It’s hard to pee in the winter with bare trees and cold butt!  EPW

These are so exciting, life made easy for us foragers!! Or just girls that like to have fun in the woods! SK

These are awesome!! Can’t wait for mine I plan on camping a lot this spring and am looking forward to this design! It’s about time right?!  DR

Am always outdoors with my family and am excited to try out these new pants, especially when it’s super cold out! Curious if these will be offered for girls, as well as women!  AC

I love to hike….there are always too many people to pull my pants down and pee and never any bathrooms! I’m also always working on the golf course doing promos and have had to use the shewee….I’d much rather use these! I have a lot of friends who enjoy the outdoors and would get a lot of use out of these as well!  JSG

This is such a great idea!! I was just saying this weekend that I need pants that unzip like this!  KL

Basically the best set of field pants ever  SL

These look great! Peeing while hiking can be such a hassle. Hey guys check out these cool pants. BM

I am so excited to go on the field with these pants! Archaeologists are going to love these, right. MLF

These are awesome! I could use these when we go mudding or anything outdoors!  KAT

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’m extremely excited to see this as an option for ladies! I have dreamt of the day it would be as easy to take a whizz..I love the idea! Looking forward to trying on my first pair! Girl power!!  TR

Even jumpsuits, all-in-one playsuits and onesies should have this technology. When designing clothes for people, they should think of customer experience and behavior while wearing the item, not just looks. Well done!  TY

I would love to have these . Me and mu hubby are always going up North our property and other than all the hiking, it’s a 3-hour drive to get there. We are always pulling over for me to go pee. If I had these , it would be so much easier to just jump out and go!!! plus they look great! BB

I am most excited about these because I am a CCW holder, having to take my pants off fully whether outside, or even in a public bathroom stall is extremely hazardous as well as leaves me vulnerable ot others seeing my Gun and having the advantage over me, or simply just panicking (as some do). When outdoors, hiking, golfing, or just camping, this will allow me to have that freedom to stay discreet, whilel also feeling like I can still protect myself should the need arise!!! SK

If you are an outddor girl, this is serious business. Unlike men, we need to pull it ALL down, moon the world and supposed to do our duty all at the same time!!! And don’t forget before ALL that, you need to let everyone know what you are doing and you might need to step away for a min. “One, so they don’t think you got lost and two so they don’t think Bigfoot got you!” It’s serious business and this is GENIUS!!!”  KL

where have you been all my life..
cant wait for these great pants.. travelled all over Canada hiking. been all over Jamaica enjoying the breath taking landscape cant wait to enjoy those plants on my next trip.  SB

I am excited to try these. Peeing outside is a pain.  KMW

I’m excited to check these out!! I’m hoping for a pair to wear while riding my motorcycle when there are no restrooms around!!  SPM


I think these are also ideal for festivals, where toilets are so filthy that you need to squat above the dixie toilet.  LF

I am super excited because as an avid hiker who is terrified of mosquitos, I no longer need to expose my bare cheeks to the blood sucking buggers! I plan on wearing these on EVERY hike that’s either too cold or too bug ridden for my precious behind.  AAW

So excited to put these to use and see the different styles.
I love camping and being outdoors and sometimes going to the washroom is the biggest pain.
Love the idea, good work!  MM
Would be easier being diabetic and having to go a lot.  ALS


I’m a heavy equipment operator these pants will be perfect cause most of time I’m between the tracks to pop a squat these pants will make going a lot easier for sure JR

I am so freaking excited for this product. Way to go ladies.  CA

These looks awesome…. would be great for all the hiking adventures.  CK

This is a great idea. I hope they make them in girl sizes too.  AM

Finally!!!….Cant wait to get these for those looong fishing trips with my husband.
I’m imagining the look on his face when I, instead of saying “Honey, I gotta pee” and then we both look for a discreet/safe place for me to nearly fully disrobe, I can say “Hold my beer ” …(zziiiiipp & drop)!!!
Thanks for creating/designing.   KA

I am excited to try these when we go RVing.  JK

These will be a woman’s best friend!! My family loves camping and I hate feeling like I’m naked when I go to pull my pants to my ankles just to pee! I’ll definitely be using these all the time on them camping and hicking trips! Fingers Crossed!!  LCTB

Walking the Camino just got whole lot more comfortable. DC.  ***

Awesome idea! Can’t wait to try them!  MC. ***

I need these almost more than the air I breathe!  CL

Um these look epic. Going out in the wood and hiking just got more fun. JSH

Awesome for hiking and they look stylish !  HV

Can’t wait for these to be available!!  RAC

These. Look so cool. I love outdoors. Run in to know bathroom. I like camping fishing hiking. I hope girls give these a try like me.  TS

Wow!! These pants would be perfect for all kinds of Alaskan outings with no bathrooms for miles!!!!   HC

I love this idea!!! I love to hike and travel. These pants would make some moments during those two things so much simpler!!!  ME

these would be great when your out on the ranch n can’t make it back to the house! Find a tree or a tractor. lol  TES 

these would be great when your out on the ranch n can’t make it back to the house! Find a tree or a tractor. lol  TES These look amazing! I’ve been looking for pants like this!! Can’t wait to order a pair!  MG

This is a brilliant invention! Wish I thought of it!  LW

I for sure will my sister and I are very excited to try your product. We are both Fedex drivers and the hardest part of being a woman doing that work is sometimes you are in the country with no where to pee so peeing along side the road is common. The other day a car saw my whole butt and these pants would have totally prevented that. I’m so excited to try them.  JH

Love it can’t wait to have a pair. LW

Theses are a great idea for hiking and ice fishing.  EK

This is such a neat idea, can’t wait to try them!  LS

Can’t wait to try these out !! These pants are gonna make our hiking game even stronger. JS

I still need them. Still do some field work. SB

So excited for these revolutionary pants!  JH

I’ve been WAITING for pants like these since FOREVER!! I even thought of the zipper idea but was uneasy incase it wasn’t comfortable to walk with.. I’m sohappy someone finally did it! TY

Interested in trying them. We spend a lot of time outdoors. JSH

omg these are so perfect please say they are plus sized also!!  LR

Finally a pair of pants that is perfect when we go off roading and camping!! I want a pair when they start selling!!  ABB

Wow what an amazing idea! Finally something for the women!!  CE

I am very enthused with your product! I could see myself using this in many scenarios. I am an  outdoor enthusiast! I do equestrian arts, archery hunting, hiking and fishing. I would Love to have  a functional pair of pants while doing these activities. The next adventure on the list is hunt in  South Africa. I would like to test out the functionality of your product in that setting! ME

Can’t wait to try them on my next hiking trip. LM

Absolutely amazing idea!  SM

Can’t wait to try these!!!  NJ

Definitely a game changer! This’ll be wonderful!  SD

Excited to get these for hiking.  MH

My young daughters would love these also!  AF. ***

I would love to try them!  SL

Sounds so cool. Can’t wait to get a pair. Thank you. CC

Can’t wait to see how these work.  JTD

These look amazing! I would have loved these while living in Colorado, but they’ll still come in handy for camping with the kiddos!  DVB

I NEED theses pants. KW

I have always said if we would just split our pants, we’d have it easier….. the day has finally come! I can’t wait to try these out!  MMS

Definitely a game changer. SSB

These would be great for hunting, camping, or hiking. CS

I’d like to try these.  BS

I have a daughter with special needs and when she has to go, she has to go. I limits my outings after I had her because I was afraid to run into accidents. This pants are perfect for her needs and my needs. Looking forward to order a pair for both and promoting them with my Group of friends that have children with special needs.    TR

Fantastic idea. Girls rock !!  CO

Finally a pair of pants for outside goers. DK

These are so bitchen. They need to make sleep pants too for car camping! I hate getting cold butt at night.  BH

These look amazing!  TMSC

Perfect foe the Alaska outdoors! Hunting, hiking, camping! these look awesome !  KSK

These look like the answer to many close calls. MS

Trail and endurance riding !!  NS

This is interesting, something worth trying out.  GF

I am so excited to try these I go motorcycle riding and camping and you never know where you’ll be when you have to stop to go take a pee. PB

I could use these for hunting or fishing. AD

Can’t wait to use these when we go camping!  AT

Omg we camp & party outdoors this would be perfect to have luv the idea. TSS

Will use them. Great pair of pants. PF

Have thought about this concept for years! TY for building it out & seeing it through.  LL

What?????? Yes! I need these! Please?? For my birthday….  MAP

Oh wow now that’s an interesting concept.  MN

Can’t wait to try to get a pair. AD

These would be amazing hiking or rock hunting!  CB

Need to convince the uniform companies to adopt this. JF.  ***

this is Flippin genius!  KE

OMG! I know we’ve had a few conversations about this while hiking and adventuring.  KGM

Seem like a game changer for hiking and travel, right?  JD

No more fumbling and fighting with shewees!  DD

Looks cool for horse back riding. Tagging a few friends. SJF

These are going to change camping and traveling for sure. ASMG

game changer pants for all those times we moms wish we could go fast while out with kids. CJ

Can’t wait to have a pair.  MPN

OMG it’s about time someone has brought best kind of apparel for women and for girls we are very much avid Outdoors we go to the woods a lot and where we go there’s no bathrooms I’m super excited about these especially because I’ve been trying to teach my two girls that are five and two to use the restroom outside like Mommy if there’s no bathroom. So do you guys also make little girl / toddler sizes this would be amazing also.  MD

These look like they could be super handy!!!
(And they have a cool little zipper pocket on the pant leg). CN

This is amazing. I have been waiting for something like this for ages. I had to pop a squat once and had a bunch of teenage boys checking out my butt and I vowed to never let that happen again. These pants may be the solution to my problem and I needed new synthetic hiking pants anyway. Nice work Elira!  JC

Yep! Definitely need these. I’m an archaeologist and 99% of the time bathrooms are non existent, so this makes the secret pop a squat behind a tree sooo much easier! So excited for this. KG

I am soo in need of these… I am a surveyor and when your out in the woods with no where to go.  AC

I want them!  AF

Excited to get these for hiking.  MH

Girls we all need these!!!  KC

I need these for fishing, camping, and hiking trips! No more stripping down to pee in the bush. SS

These are exactly what I need for hiking!  AH

Awesome!  LR

i can actually pee without taking my pants of…my biggest issue solved. KM

What a great idea!  SP

Need these. EG

you need these for all of your hiking adventures!  <MHG

LOOK I need these and so does roxanne so we no longer have to feel like we cant go to far from the city! So much better then a she wee.  AM

Omg I need these!!!check these out.  SW

Like seriously, why didn’t this exist before now.  SS

This is the greatest invention ever and ever women needs a pair. KS

perfect for hunting girl! And be out drinkin beer! Hahaha!  NL

Great idea…  ELP

no more cold butts. AS

these could be total game changers!  AS

These will be great for cooler weather camping!  KW

I cant wait to try these!  TH

These will be so Awesome, finally a way to be safer, faster, cleaner. CLA

Genius!!  MMB

This is genius! There are sooo many times I could have used this!  SM

hmm this could be a game changer!  WB

Would love to try them out.  TW

these would’ve been nice on our many outings!  LD

Very cool! Hiking and camping pants. NB

look! New ems pants for when we can’t get to a bathroom.  TS

Where have these been all my life!  EB

For hiking!!!!  MS

these would be awesome!! no more full exposure haha. CC

Such a great idea!!!  DA

here’s us some pants finally. HWB

Yessss!!!  IYRR

this would make long hikes so much more easy. JR

look how cool! KEJ

I would totally use these while hunting! Out there in the camp, this would be great.  JW

I need these for camping. CRN

Can’t wait.  DB

oh I’m so excited, we all need a pair of these for our next camping trip. GF

Looks interesting!!!  JY

bro these are a game changer lol!! They would be great for when we are camping and whatnot!!  SN

These look super cool!!  MK

I am sooo excited for these!!  KD

hiking just got way better!!  MTH

Need these, definitely. BT

Finally!  RL

I bet these would be good for when you’re hiking!  GME

umm how awesome would this be for peeing on the trails!  KBT

Going to do more hiking this year!!  JB

That is a great idea. MN

this is brilliant for our hiking days   LN

How cool is THIS?!?!?!?  EF

These look awesome!  MMT

Love it. YC

I am a former female law enforcement officer. I always thought there had to be a way to keep my duty belt (gun , cuffs etc.) on and still go to the restroom… THIS is the perfect concept for female LEOs… kudos!  TY

My husband and I go fishing and hunting and hiking and 4wheeling. It’s so hard to find a discreet place to go. These pants are going to help so many women that love the outdoors and want to be able to go without getting caught with their pants down.  SLR

Can’t wait to be able to not have my pants at my ankles when being outdoors, amazing!  SAE

FINALLY !! Only thing i hate when backpacking and hiking is finding a safe place to pee. so excited to try these out. MA

I cant tag all my co workers but I can advertise them in person! These are def made for the postal workers in mind! Won’t catch me pulling my pants down anymore on your ring doorbell! Now you’ll just see me squat in your yard. Technically that’s not enough proof.  CC

For a family of athletic girls with a love or camping …hiking etc… these will be amazing!  PEC

My family and I are always doing something to enjoy the great outdoors! Whether it be hunting, fishing, working, shooting sportingclays, riding, or just taking a walk these would be absolutely perfect. It’s so hard for women to find a place to discreetly go and even harder to keep yourself balanced while holding your pants out of the way!!! These will help in SO many ways!! I can’t wait to try them!!  RWC

backpacking and hiking and 4 wheeling for sure! these would be amazing!  CDF

This is so wonderful. For when I go camping. And anything I do outside. Can’t wait to try these. So happy someone thought of this idea  JS

Perfect for riding horses and wearing chaps!  SR

At first I thought it was a joke. I was wrong, I am just as curious as I am excited for such a invention. Every female on the planet should have at least one pair of these amazing pants.  LM

So excited about these pants. Camping in our rooftop tent and hiking will be so much more enjoyable.  SCB

I can’t wait to wear these! I go hiking all the time and I am blown away that these have never been created!! I would love to see Overalls and soft rompers too!!! Seriously, thank you for designing these!!  AMG

Camping and delivery. Over the years it’s been a few close calls. Especially working way out in the boondocks you wouldn’t have to walk all the way back up to the house and back down to where you were working on your property. J P

As of recent years in the midst of all our outside activities we started bouldering and rock climbing, so how cool would it be to have these on while dangling off a cliff!  BH

Can’t wait to take these pants on every adventure! You can pee anywhere!!  KM

Peeing in the woods will never be the same. PM

Yes!!! Finally we won’t have to drop our drawers anymore!!  MLL

this is what we were talking about the other day! And they solved the underwear issue too!  LE

I would love these for all of the outdoor activities that I do!  SP

Finally! Much needed!!! R D

check these out! How awesome it would be to be able to unzip, squat and go when hiking, backpacking and camping!  WLB

The product I’ve been waiting for! Step aside boys, now there’s officially nothing you can do that we can’t.  MA

Hiking and camping made easier AL

These are LITERALLY the camping pants I’ve been dreaming of! I feel like you ladies may actually appreciate these too.  DF

I so need these pants, we are always hunting fishing doing something were there is no bathrooms around.  HCM

We need these in fire pants!  CHA

check these out! How awesome would these be for long hikes, runs etc . We need these !!  EBG

Oooh these could be fun! Perfect for outdoors stuff like hiking, fishing, chasing a toddler around… stuff like that1. CAS

beats using the lil pink cone!!! JS

OMG would these not be great on the boat?! Also they look comfortable!  AC

So excited. This helps my outdoor needs a bunch!  AL

These are GOLDEN! Absolutely genius! I can’t just tag a couple of people. I need to share this!  TF

So these are going to be a god send to us women that trail ride!  HM

Finally, something to make life a little bit easier when we go off exploring for the unknown! I won’t have to hide deep in the woods anymore!  NH

so i don’t show my whole butt to another trucker on our roadside pee breaks lol. EE

I cannot wait im.suppperrr excited!! I’d love to use these for our hiking trips and maybe see if it’ll work for beginning of hunting. We’re ways on the go and these are perfect because I’m always having to pee and pop squats in the woods ughhh. RS

I need these in my life for both work and play. CC

Very innovative!  ES

These would be great when we’re hunting  NAS

these look awesome! I may try them for summer adventuring CMM

It’s about time women didn’t have to wear clothing made for men, which are uncomfortable and ugly for women!  RF

These are desperately needed for women – game change1! On a hike last summer, I was so paranoid about “being caught with my pants down” that I backed up to close to the edge of a cliff and lost my balance and fell and broke my ankle in three places. I can’t even tell you how painful the fall was, but even more more so how humiliated I was to explain how it happened. I need these pants! #girlpower. JG

I love to cross-country ski, hike, camp, and mushroom hunt. I would love a pair of these pants and so would my friends that enjoy Mother Earth and Father sky as much as I do.   PL

I would love a pair of these because being an outdoor worker, working mostly 10 hour a day this is ever so useful! Especially when I’d be out riding the horses! Super excited about the launch day!  TB

I worked on a tree farm in the middle nowhere with 15 males…I would have loved not having to pull my pants downfall the way to pee. Also, my hubby is from northern NFLD (near Labrador) and we often go in winter. There is no running water, so no indoor bathroom. I would love to have this and not have to pull my pants down outside in 30 degree snowy weather!  LS

These pants are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to try them. Horseback riding, hiking, adventures that are messy, camping and more! Finally, a company to empower and embrace the women we are! DF

I can’t wait to get a pair of these pants. Since cancer treatment, my diabetes has gotten worse. Even though I go to the toilet before leaving the house, when I’m outdoors dog walking in the cold for a period of time, many times I’ve had to cut the walk short to rush home just in time. ..if I had these pants, it would be so much easier as I would feel less embarrassed to go to the toilet, without having to worry about exposing myself. JP

No more full moons when popping a squat in the bush! Its absolutely revolutionary. I’m excited to try them. I wish these were around when I was doing landscaping work!  MMH

Definitely getting me a pair of these, cant wait to try them out. I’m an arborist in a majorly male dominated environment. My white butt will never been seen again!  RF

I just want to say I’m so happy you guys invented a pant like this ! Here in the snow pulling your pants all the way down is so cold and when rock climbing in the summer and there’s no place to hide your tushie this is very nice.  CD

I have squatted in more places I’d like to admit. These look like it’s going to make things a whole lot easier!  EM

This is a wonderful solution to a true need! It helps both in the outdoors, and also indoors in places with pit toilets in the floor (I experienced in parts of Taiwan). Thank you!  DW

YES! I am so excited to finally have something for a woman! I fish 20-30 Tournaments a year and HATE that all the guy can just go anywhere. It’s hard to find a place where no one is around, then have to let my Butt hang out! I will be telling all the ladies I fish with and against about these!  SPL

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