The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a symbol representing “The ELIRA woman,” who knows who she is. Powerful beyond imagination, illuminating our path and standing up for equality.

We are rising as a collective consciousness, awakening to protect what is ours. We are taking back our freedoms — our personal freedom and our bodies. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. We are not defined by anyone’s rules. The decision is ours and ours alone. This freedom is also about respecting the ways each individual chooses to identify. 

We stand for gender equality and a world without discrimination where women and men are equal partners working together for solutions. The ELIRA woman sees beauty in her body and Mother Earth. She is a “Warrior of Peace.”

No longer are we slaves to fear as we honor the beauty and balance of the divine feminine and masculine, both.

We are emerging stronger, smarter, and more powerful as we rise up and fight for the future generations to come. We are standing up to the plundering and pillaging of our Cosmic Mother, our heritage and our planet. We are taking back what was ours to begin with. 

We are standing in the, "Light of our Creator, " waking up to our natural beauty and gifts rising up from the ashes.

The ELIRA Ecosystem Values
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Illuminating the path towards ensuring equality and kindness, while celebrating every individual’s needs in active environments.


I'm a free-spirited, sensitive, kind, fun-loving, creative seeking adventure. I unzip discreetly with versatility and love the freedom of expressing myself in all types of environments. I love exploration, exhilaration, and transformation. Let's say I am an enlightened soul looking for...simply you.


To create the most revolutionary products that promote personal freedom and empower a natural experience when nature calls us into action.


About Our CEO

Kelly has had a wildly successful career as an interior designer with a passion to create excellence that has been featured and praised in local, national, and international magazines, newspapers and television. She is a holder of multiple patents and trademarks and continues to innovate on a daily basis. With an avid interest in bringing out the best in every situation, Kelly finds herself once again perfectly positioned to change women’s clothing design forever.

From a small Midwestern town to the international stage, she was drawn to creating beauty and balance in all areas of life. Kelly was all too familiar with the potential embarrassment that could accompany a woman answering the call of nature. Through her own embarrassing experience and the shared experience of many others, Kelly recognized the need to design a pair of pants that enabled women to discreetly, comfortably, and quickly answer nature’s call. ELIRA was born!