4 Easy Campfire Recipes to Make Your Fall Delicious

Can you believe it? Fall is right around the corner. That’s probably why we have camping – and campfire recipes –  on our minds!
There’s a lot to take into consideration when you plan a meal around an open fire. It can be intimidating if we’re honest. Inconsistent heat, lack of control, a variety of tools, and potential for trouble keep many people away! 
At the same time, the rise of social media videos often has our mouths watering as we watch backyard chefs whip up tantalizing treats and gourmet meals in picture-perfect settings. 
Campfire RecipesIt may be tempting to head to the outdoor outfitter and buy all the things to attempt something like this gourmet Campfire Chicken Marbella that involves marinade, crisping the skin, and preparing couscous. Sounds absolutely tantilizing, right? And if you’ve got the time to embrace the learning process, you definitely should (and send us a sample of your results!). 
But if you’re down for a simpler launch into open fire cooking, check out these 4 options that will take you from dawn to dusk on your next camping trip.
Breakfast Burritos 

We love this option because of its versatility. You really don’t need a recipe, because it’s all about what you have on hand and what you like! Here are some combinations we like. 
  • Ham, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, and provolone cheese
  • Bacon, sauteed jalapenos, and cheddar
  • Prosciutto, steamed asparagus, gruyere cheese
If you just want EASY at camp, make these in advance. Wrap them in foil ( read the next section for a tip on cooking in foil) and all you have to do is heat them up in the coals or on a metal rack over your morning fire. But if you’re ready to do more of the work on the fire, use cast iron skillets on a grate to cook up your fillings and build them on site!
Foil Packets

There is some contention over whether or not cooking in foil is healthy. To curb any anxieties on that head, you can put parchment paper down on top of your foil and build your packet in that. 
This is another fan favorite since you can personalize it. In fact, the list we linked to below has dozens of options ranging from breakfast foods to desserts! To make a complete meal, what do you need? Just a protein, a little oil, whatever veggies you enjoy, and seasoning! 
HERE’s a link to some combinations to try.
Mac N Cheese 

No one should ‘outgrow’ macaroni and cheese. It’s nostalgia-invoking comfort food for many and belongs wherever we can bring it. That includes the campsite!
This recipe uses canned alfredo to easily create the creamy cheese sauce we love. If you’re staying away from processed foods, you can make your own! Bring it to camp in a jar if you want the ease of prep, or just make it over the fire. 
Banana Boats 

We all know and love s’mores as a classic campfire dessert. And really, there’s no good reason to kick it to the curb. BUT… if you’re looking for something new, we’ve got you!
Banana Boats are the new kid on the block of camp sweets. Once again, we’re talking about boundless opportunities for personalization and easy-as-pie prep and clean-up. Use the same parchment paper trick from the foil packets above if you like!
Check out THIS LINK to see some detailed instructions and suggested combinations.
If you haven’t explored campfire cooking before, maybe this is the perfect time to try something new! ;)