No Labels on ELIRA!

No labels on ELIRA?

Why no labels on our ELIRA clothing? I had come to this decision early on, back when I was developing my product. This was even before the #METOO Movement happened. I would often wonder why this product hadn't been developed. I would think about the freedom it would provide women. My mind would wonder to all the different fields of work women were active in, from campers, field scientists, hikers, farmers, to bush pilots and long haul trucking. Yes, women are making more and more choices to enter blue collar jobs. Jobs that provide them a lifestyle outside of the day-to-day conventional office jobs. Women have become a driving change in fighting for gender equality in what was once a male-dominated work force.

Nature calls.

For women, the inconvenience of pulingl your pants down around your ankles and exposing yourself with your butt sticking out as you're having to pee in outdoor environments, is not only inconvenient, but compromising to our health and safety, not to mention our dignity.

Products that liberate!

I'm proud to bring my products to women everywhere in all types of environments, be it to play, explore or work. I believe women have been exploited enough and it's time to say, No more! So it is for this reason, there will be no logos on my product. It would be compromising my beliefs around who the ELIRA woman is. Isn't freedom what we all want? 'To be set free.'